Become a Member

How do I become a member of BSC

Complete the application form and decide which level of membership you would like.  Give the signed forms to the NCYC Administration Office or bar staff.

Your application will be reviewed by the Board and listed on the Club Notice Board for 14 days.  If there are no valid objections, the Board will approve your application, you will be notified, and the membership fee will be payable. The process can take up to 6 weeks.

What category of membership is right for me?

NCYC’s membership categories are:

  • Introductory Membership
  • Junior Membership
  • Social Membership
  • Youth Crew Membership
  • Crew Membership
  • General Membership
  • Senior Membership

Introductory Membership

This membership allows guests to join and experience the club to see what it offers at an affordable price.  This membership is for two months, after this period, we would encourage you to upgrade to a social membership.

Junior Membership

To be a Junior Member, you must be aged between 5 and 17 years, intend to take part in yachting activities organised by the Club and of a General Member’s immediate family.

Social Membership

This membership is for those people who wish to enjoy using NCYC’s licensed club facilities. You are required to be a member if you live within 5km radius of NCYC and wish to use the club without being in the company of a member.

If you live outside a 5km radius of NCYC, you are not required to be a member, but we suggest you become a member if you use the Club regularly.

 Youth Crew Membership

Youth Crew Membership is for those who are aged between 18-25 years and intend to sail at NCYC.  Youth Crew Membersip provides the necessary insurance coverage to sail and enter events. 

Crew Membership

Crew Membership or General Membership is required if you wish to regularly sail at NCYC, this includes more than three times in a season, on any NCYC vessel or in a club event.  Crew membership provides the necessary insurance coverage to sail and enter events.

Social and Crew Members often convert to General Membership when you decide that you would like to have a closer and longer-term affiliation with NCYC.

General Membership

This is the most important category of membership and provides the greatest range of privileges as shown in the NCYC membership benefits table.

Senior Membership

Senior Membership is for those existing general members who are more than 65 years and have held a general membership for a continuous 15 years or more.

NCYC Membership Benefits Intro Social Crew Youth Crew Senior General
Membership Fees $20
2 months
$93 $146 $73 $93 $275 + $204
No Sign-In Required
Welcome Bar Credit
Weekly e-Newsletters
Discount on Bar Purchases 10% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Birthday Drink, Raffle & Wine Vouchers
Discount on Food Purchases 5% 5% 5% 10% 10%
Discount on Club Merchandise 5% 5% 10% 10%
Members Draw Chance to Win
Australian Sailing Membership
Aust. Sailing Insurance Coverage
NCYC Season Race Cap
Parking Permit
12% Discount on Fuel
Invites to Sailing In-house Training
Discount on Learn to Sail Courses 5% 5% 10% 10%
F24 Hire for Interclub Racing
Access to Laser Compound
Access to Marina Facilities
Voting Rights
Access to Discounted Annual berthing Rates
Discounts on Club Functions
Discount on Marquee Hire 5% 5%